UFC Vegas 50: Fighters You Should Know

Women’s Self Defense – A Class of Men?

Will this article change your mind about the perfect mix for a martial-arts class? On several occasions, I have offered to help out a women’s self defense class. Most of the time, these women self-defense teachers claim that theirs is a women only class….

Improve Your Martial-Arts Punches With Bicycle Pedaling

Do you know what I mean when I say elliptical punches? Martial artists sometimes slip into a bicycle motion for a ‘straight blast’ (a series of rapid-fire punches, one right after the other). I worry, when I see folks doing a circular bicycle motion with their rapid punches, but sometimes this is the correct strategy. Sometimes. Do you know how to punch with a slightly bowed path, so that…

Senior Martial Artists, Don’t Grapple

There is a myth floating around the Internet that states that most fights end up on the ground. As martial artists age and become seniors, it’s important to develop different strategies. Grappling your opponent to the ground should be avoided. The following tips will help you….

Bruce Lee Quotes – Where Does Your Punch Pause?

Does it seem like Bruce Lee was contradicting himself? In the first quote (see article), he tells you not to overshoot your target, but in the second, he tells you to punch through your target. Isn’t punching through, in a sense, overshooting? I have to admit, when I read the two passages above…

Martial-Arts Instruction Basics for Punching Improvement

Improve your punching, and you’ll improve your martial arts. You probably already know that everyone says to practice the basics, to get good at martial arts. It makes sense. In any martial-arts discipline or sport, a strong foundation usually guarantees competent performance. But did you know…

Street Fight – How to Size Up an Attacker

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to know everything about your opponent, before you had to fight him or her? In the past, it was much easier to read your enemy. Unfortunately, times have changed….

Are Martial Arts Styles Weakening?

I am asked all the time if I think martial arts are going down hill. It’s the argument of — you can’t learn everything your teacher knows. Your students in turn won’t learn everything you know. And on it goes. So, within a few generations, many details of the martial art are lost. Well, it’s time to upset some folks….

Martial Vertical Jumps

Vertical-Jumps Confession from a JKD Artist: I hate jumping. I always have. Personally, I have several reasons for not wanted to spring through the air like a basketball star… or superhero. On the other hand, there is one distinct advantage of having a good martial-arts vertical leap that can’t be ignored….

Aikido Throws – Are They Efficient, Effective and Safe?

Learn how to perform Aikido throws in a very efficient and effective way. Join your local Aikido club and a little bit of practise and you’ll soon be able to throw your training partner safely. Learn some of the most effective throws here!

How to Devise the Best Martial Arts Kids Games for Skills and Drills

Repetitive drilling is the norm in martial arts training but can be very dull for kids. This article provides idea’s on how you can adapt drills to produce the best martial arts kids games for your students to learn the required skills in a fun packed environment.

How MMA Training Helps In Keeping You Fit?

Being healthy is another way of being wealthy. There are many option available ranging from good diet to good exercise routine. Different types of workout trainings are also available which adds on good health and good lifestyle. According to me MMA i.e. mixed martial art training has got the best blend of healthy workout and skills.