UFC 273 Free Fight: The Korean Zombie vs Frankie Edgar

The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, made quick work of the former lightweight champion in South Korea in 2019. Next up, the Korean Zombie faces off against featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 273 on Saturday, April 9.

UFC 273 Free Fight:

The Korean Zombie vs Frankie Edgar

what’s up everyone and welcome back to the channel paulo costa and sean strickland beef escalates it’s been four months since sean strickland called out paula costa and with no fight made between the two yet things are starting to escalate following sean strickland’s win against jack hermansen in february he’s now ranked fourth in the division right alongside both paolo costa and derek brunson costa whose most recent bout ended in a unanimous decision lost took to twitter to call out strickland immediately calling him a rat and saying he’s ready to fight however strickland replied making fun of the fact that kosta’s future in the ufc has been questionable and so is his ability to make the middleweight cut at this point he claims to have already asked the ufc for a cost to fight but says they were unsure casa would be around long enough to make that happen of course costa didn’t take well to this quickly responding with vulgarity and calling strickland a fake macho among a number of other things needless to say costa isn’t too happy strickland continued to explain to costa that the ufc has
blatantly said no to the fight between the two even after multiple requests no worries though strickland says he’ll be happy to give costa the beating he’s waited for next time he catches him in vegas get your popcorn ready because it doesn’t look like the end of this show is near is this a fight you want to see if not who do you want to see costa and strickland fight next henry cejudo is willing to corner peter yan the current ufc interim bantamweight champion of the world peter yan is in desperate need of help after his cornermen were denied entry into the united states as a result of the ongoing russian invasion on ukraine with such unfortunate circumstances we’re happy to report he’s had an all-star roster of fighters come to his rescue and offered to be there for him ahead of his rematch with algerian sterling in may he wanted to make sure he has the best corner possible and he just might get that the end’s hopeful that he can get in touch with the great habib nurmagomedov and convince him to be in his corner for the fight even if that doesn’t happen he’s heard back from what could be an incredible support system of fighters
sean o’malley was the first to respond in support posting a video letting ya know that he already intended on being there for a fight and is ready to be in his corner whenever he needs him yan also took his own twitter to request the help of former ufc champion henry cejudo and heard back from him the next day sahuto is ready and willing to help yann out so long as he’s provided with a booster seat for the corner despite yan reaching out to cehuto for help in his fight the two have had a long history of going back and forth on social media yen has publicly questioned the timing of henry’s retirement and in return zahudo has blasted him saying he would come back just to fight yan nonetheless it’s respectable that they would both put their pride aside to work on the bigger goals and legacies ahead who would you want to be in your corner if you could build it from scratch leon edwards plans on dethroning camaro usman leon edwards wants to take the belts away from ufc champion kamaru usman and then immediately face him for a third time right away after in his words there’s no
way kamaru beats him in their next match it looks like leon is finally going to get his highly anticipated title shot against kamara usman on july 2nd at ufc 256. usman has already successfully defended his title against the likes of both kobe covington and jorge masvidal but it’s important to consider that leon edwards last loss in the cage was more than 10 fights ago and it was to none other than kamara oozman himself leon has used this as fuel and is sure to be coming back for blood in this rematch and has all the factors to make it a great trilogy if edwards is successful he expects to face off with usman one third and final time winner take all he was only 22 years old the first time they fought and now at 30 he feels like his time has come leon wants fans to know that this fight will be completely different from the first promising an exciting championship level fight who will you put your money on come fight day
[Applause] a little bit [Applause] [Music] don’t forget to take a second to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on all of the latest fight news colby covington calls out israel adesanya for middleweight title shot with colby covington on the outside looking in for a welterweight title shot he’s now looking up at a heavier weight class and possibly score a shot at the middleweight title in a fight against israel addis sagna colby challenged camaro usman for the 170 pound strap two times and came up short both times the first via knockout and then via unanimous decision this past november the ufc doesn’t seem interested in putting together a trilogy fight
between these two fighters so kobe is now kind of in limbo in the welterweight division he said he wants big money fights and he just came out of one against jorge masvidal in the rare five-round non-title main event for a pay-per-view at ufc 272 with colby unlikely to challenge for the welterweight title again as long as usman is champion it seems he’s got his sights set on adesanya and has now formally called out the last style bender in a recent interview on submission radio this is what he said you know why can’t i fight alexander that guy has he can’t stop my wrestling i’ll pick him up and drop him on his head you know he’s a he’s a cardio kickboxer they got enough cardio kickboxers and women’s classes around the us you know like i could go join one of those as well but but you know i decided to pick up hard grueling american wrestling and so i don’t think artasana can stop my american wrestling and i don’t think he’s that good a fighter in typical colby fashion he brought the chaotic trash talk and didn’t hold back in his criticism of adesanya however stylebender is gearing