Old-School UA Talk With Pride FC Fighter Guy Mezger

The Man Behind The Muscle, Guy Mezger


Wrestling since age eight, studying karate since he was 14 and practicing the arts of both boxing and kickboxing since his early 20s, Guy Mezger, now 34, is a true example of a well-rounded (and when I say well-rounded, I mean well-rounded-keep reading…) warrior.

Old-School UA Talk With Pride FC Fighter Guy Mezger

In December of 1994, he made his MMA debut at UFC 4 in a battle that ended with opponent Jason Fairn’s corner throwing in the towel at 2:13 in the 1st. From there, Mezger’s career soared with fights in KOTC, UFC, Pancrase and Pride.

His resume highlights accomplished styles such as kickboxing, submission fighting, sambo, chung dokwan, judo, boxing and wrestling, not to mention a pro fighting competition record of 121-17-6 and countless titles held: 3-time World Free-Fighting (Super-Fight) Champion (WPC)- 2000, 3-time King of Pancrase- 1998, Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC XIII)- 1997, World Freestyle Fighting Champion (WFFF)- 1996 and the World Kickboxing Champion (WKC)- 1995.

Did I happen to mention he has made a career of teaching professional kickboxing for the past 17 years and for the past 14 years, has owned his own gym, which has grown to three locations in Dallas, Texas and one in New York? Well, he does!

I first met the 6’1″ Mezger this past summer at UA Fighting 3 in Denver and was instantly impressed with his friendly, down-to-earth attitude. Relatively new to the sport and feeling pretty star-struck, I sat across from him in the lobby wondering what I could say without sounding like a typical fan-so what do I do?

I offer gum to the group sitting there! What!? -And, genuinely thanking me, he accepts! While I’m sure the Lion’s Den member doesn’t remember the incident, it was, to say the least, an icebreaker for me. Now, a few months later, the unpretentious, nice guy that he is, takes time out of a very busy day to walk and talk with me.

Because an appointment I had ran long, I called him 30 minutes later than scheduled. Knowing he himself had an appointment, I expected to leave a message-but, to my surprise, he answers, says it’s no problem and brings me right along with him (via cell phone, of course).

That’s the kind of guy he is. Genuinely nice. He doesn’t seem to stress out about the little things, (or the potentially big things like an inconvenience on a busy day), but simply goes with the flow. Along the way, I hear him say, “Hi buddy! How are you?” to a little guy in his gym. The smile on his face is apparent through the sincerity in his voice.

Born in Houston, Texas, Mezger grew up in Dallas with his three brothers and two sisters. “My brothers use to wrestle and do a little karate, but no real full-contact fighting, other than fighting over the TV remote control or the last piece of pizza,” he jokes.

Still residing in Dallas, Mezger follows a strict training regime-weight training three days a week, wrestling three days a week, boxing and kickboxing three days a week and working on his conditioning two days a week. The 205-pounder also oversees 14 instructors, who teach in his gyms.

While he enjoys instructing and producing athletes, Mezger says, “I am most interested in the kids.” Believe it or not, he trains kids as young as four and five years old in full-contact karate, as well as various submission moves. Some of these youngsters even compete in semi-contact karate tournaments.

In fact, one athlete, Audrey Drew, now 17, has been training with Mezger since she was seven and is rated number one in National Amateur Full-contact Karate (adult division).

Mezger currently fights under contract with Pride. He was last seen on September 29th, in Pride 22- Beasts from the East 2, where he won the unanimous decision against Yoshihisa Yamamoto. While he’s scheduled to fight in Pride’s December show, “nothing is set for sure yet.”

Did you know…

Mezger considers himself a quiet guy, who enjoys spending time (ie. going out to dinner) with his friends. “I’m a lucky man with many incredible friends.”

What’s your favorite sport? Of course, his favorite sport is anything to do with the fight game. “[Team sports] are not really a sport to me,” Mezger says. But he does enjoy the occasional football and/or hockey games. He’s even hooked up with season tickets to both the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Stars if he wants to use them!

What’s your favorite food? “When I want to eat healthy, my favorite food is Vietnamese. When I don’t want to eat healthy, Mexican food is my favorite-chicken burritos with sour cream and green sauce.”

What’s your favorite drink? “Actually, I haven’t had a drink in 2-3 years, but a glass of merlot would be nice once in awhile.”

What’s your favorite movie? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, any of The Godfather’s, Star Wars (the old-school episodes-he hates the new ones), Gladiator and Brave Heart. “I like movies about men of honor.”

Do you have any kids? “No kids yet, but I am looking forward to having some boys…but we all know what a sense of humor God has, so I will end up with girls,” he jokes. “Although to tell you the truth, that would not be so bad.”

Something interesting about Guy… He hasn’t watched TV in seven years. “One day I was waiting for the cable guy to come, and I thought, ‘What am I doing?’ I remember flipping through channels for hours, and I couldn’t even tell you one thing I watched.”

So right then and there, he cancelled his cable appointment and has gone without it since. “I actually read 2-3 books a week.” Mezger likes self-improvement books and fiction. He’s recently read Jack Canfield’s The Power of Focus and recommends it to change a person’s life.

Mezger reveals that lately he has been into classics such as The Iliad and The Odyssey. “They’re incredible stories. Think about the times back then, they had everything we have now-jealousy, honor, backstabbers, etc. [They] read like a soap opera, except they have gods and goddesses.”