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Fight or Flight Response – The Whole Story

This article is about whether the fight or flight response is a real phenomenon when a person is under stress in a self defense situation. It also explores the other possible responses humans could exhibit when under the stress of a self defense situation. Finally, it helps the average person evaluate potential self defense instructors.

Fear Is Good, But Panic Is a Killer

This article is about the differences between fear and panic. It discusses how these emotions can positively and negatively affect your personal safety when in a dangerous, or potentially dangerous, situation.

How Martial Arts Can Help You Reach Life Goals

Adult karate classes help people reach life goals through teaching discipline, structure, and proper goal setting skills. Martial arts provides people with the proper mindset and drive to accomplish almost anything that they want to do.

Tips for Adults Trying Karate Classes

Many people want to try out a martial arts program, but they just don’t know where to start. This article has some great tips on how to find a school and what to ask for once you get there.

Can Karate Classes Improve My Appearance?

Taking a martial arts class can definitely help you improve your appearance. Martial arts helps you lose weight and then maintain your weight loss, build lean muscle, and improve your posture.

What It Takes to Excel in the Martial Arts

Temptation to forgo training during the beautiful summer months can be a force unto itself. This article discusses the role of commitment and persistence in achieving your martial arts goals.

You Prepared For When The Thin Veneer of Civility Shatters

It has been said many times that we live with a ‘thin veneer of civility.’ Do you have a plan if natural disaster strikes near you? As a martial artist, being prepared for bad things to come our way is just what we do. Read on for a perspective on this phenomenon.

Choose a Martial Art for a Child Victim of Bullying

From time to time, “bullying” is the word of the day in the news. While bullying may affect anyone of any age, we more often learn of its existence due to news of its effects on children. Bullying is usually divided into psychological bullying and physical bullying.

Future UFC Champions

A look at current UFC fighters who have never won nor fought for a championship in the UFC, Strikeforce, Pride, or WEC that will win a title. This article makes a fictitious organization, LCMMA, and pits the two best fighters from each weight class that fits the above category and looks at who will win.

How to Make It Home Safe Using the Three A’s

Having some basic common sense self-defense training can go a long way. It is not just for helping you defend yourself during a physical altercation. Any good self-defense instruction teaches how to avoid trouble in the first place. This article deals with exactly that.

A Very Hard Lesson Learned

Some lessons are best learned from others. The lesson we learned about protecting ourselves with a hard lesson to learn. Read this article to discover the mistake that we made, and how it will never happen again. Thanks for reading.