Colby Covington Looks Back at Memorable Moments From His Rise up the Welterweight Ranks

How You Know When You Need a New Bjj Gi

A Bjj Gi is expensive to buy and hence you need to guard it with all care. It is not affordable to buy a new Bjj Gi often. If you can afford to buy it once every three months or so then it is good. Most of us cannot afford to buy a new Jiu Jitsu Gi quite frequently. At the same you should be aware of the exact time you need a new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. How to know when you need a new Bjj Gi is the most important factor that would urge you to change your gear.

3 Common Mistakes That Hinder Your Jiu Jitsu Training

If you’re serious about your jiu jitsu training and want to consistently make gains in your training, you want to avoid these 3 common mistakes: 1. adding more techniques before you have the basics 2. thinking that more techniques means better skill 3.

Step by Step Approach to Becoming a Better Martial Artist

What’s your “plan?” to improve your martial arts? Do you have a Plan for how you’re going to become a better martial artist? What are you going to train today? Tomorrow? Next week?

How to Punch and Kick Faster

If you’re a martial artist who wants to punch and kick faster, read this article. In case you didn’t know, there is more than one type of speed involved in striking. We will discuss 1.

Pack a Power Punch in 3 Steps

Chances are you’d like to have your punches hit harder. Well you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn 3 simple ways to make your punches more powerful.

Martial Arts Equipment: Necessary for Winning the Fights

The martial arts equipments include various training tools used by the martial arts practitioners. There are lots of personal safety equipments available like elbow pads, chest protector, foot pads and so on.

Self Defense Moves – What Is Jurus Silat?

One of the self defense moves that help many silat exponents to master Silat is known as Jurus Silat. Based on Malaysian dictionary (Kamus Dewan), jurus silat means repetition, continuation or moving towards specific direction. This word is used in silat to explain the movements of silat either attacking, defensive or counter-attack towards any aimed target. It also explained the movement of silat which means one should ‘sambut’ (avoid, block or catch) first followed by counter attack towards the target or enemy.

Street Fighting Techniques – Is Street Fighting Uncaged Worth It?

Many people today want to learn how to fight. The reasons for this are numerous. Some people are tired of being victimised or bullied while others are more interested in self defense and are looking to learn how to fight so that they will know what to do in a violent situation should it arise. In this article we will examine the people who want to learn to fight as a form of self defense.

The Essential Traditional Disciplines MMA Fighters Should Train In

If you want to be a successful MMA fighter there are two traditional martial art systems that you should know. In addition, dependent on your definition of traditional, there are two other fighting systems that should be trained.

Buying Your First Bjj Gi

Buying your first Bjj Gi is always a challenging task in the sense that you should pick the right one for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training sessions. If you are buying your first Jiu Jitsu Gi that would mean that you are definitely a beginner. As a beginner you would aim at getting everything right when it comes to purchasing the first affordable Bjj Gi. You should buy a couple of Bjj belts as well when you decide to purchase your Bjj Kimonos as these will be needed.

IBJJF Guidelines on the Bjj Gi for Competition Use

The aspirant of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu would wish to know the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) guidelines on the Bjj Gi for competition use. Any beginner in the martial art of Bjj would dream to participate in the IBJJF rated competitions as a professional black belt Bjj competitor. He would do well to know thoroughly about the guidelines prescribed by the IBJJF on the Bjj Gi for competition use so that he would prepare well before the event begins by using the Gi meant for Jiu Jitsu competitions.