Bryce Mitchell Plays Buck Hunter and Explains What NOT to do With a Power Drill

How to Win A Silat Olahrga Match

It is not easy to be a silat champion. You need to train harder and sacrifice many things to achieve the champion status. Many peoples thought that this sport requires someone that ‘born to be a fighter’ quality in order to win a silat match. In one point it is true. However, it is not always right. This is because silat olahraga is a point-based system sport that not only requires you to be good a fighter, but also requires you master the fighting tactics during the match.

Martial Arts – Oriental Prowess

Most of today’s martial arts originated in Asia and they generally come from China, Japan and Korea. Before WWII, Asia’s martial arts had been generally confined within the continent. The way out for martial arts was through Japan during the onset of the war. After the war, the United States got influenced by the military from stationed in Asia and upon their return, many of their friends back home were curious about this new hand combat techniques that could turn down a larger and stronger opponent. This gave birth to the exodus of martial arts to the west.

A Must When Purchasing Taekwondo Uniform – Durability

A Taekwondo uniform is a plain enough product to buy as there are a lot of fine retail outlet accessible for those learner looking for an attire for this particular method or alternatively, many places are accessible if looking in the internet. The Taekwondo uniform is white and frequently finished from a mixture of cotton and polyester and there are unlike mass gradients for better durability. For those serious learners, investing in an excellent Taekwondo uniform is a necessity as this will last a lot longer than those lesser class uniforms.

7 Fighting Techniques You Need To Master In Silat

Silat is Malay’s martial art. The fighting techniques in silat are originated from the art of war. It is considered as the best self defense moves either one on one or in group attack.

3 Other Reasons Why Young People Learn Silat

There are many reasons for young students aged 12 to 17 years old to learn silat in Malaysia. Most people including their parents think the main reasons are because of self defense purposes. However, there are other reasons that influence youngsters to join silat training programs.

7 Insider Secrets on How to Be Good Silat Instructor

Silat is an official martial art in Malaysia. It is the art of movements in self defense. The concept of silat is ‘not to kill unless desperate’. Thus it is important to understand that learning silat is not for beating other people unless you have no choice in any emergency situation.

Martial Arts Paradox

Are you interested in martial arts? When one starts practicing a martial art, he will soon notice that it contains some dilemma and paradox. If he wanted to be fast, he needed to compromise his accuracy. When he hoped to strike strongly, he would sacrifice speed. Since, speed, strength, and accuracy are three crucial elements of martial arts’ skills, one need to struggle in this dilemma. Is not there any way to solve this problem? Please join the author who shows you his suggestion.

Be a Street Fighter!

Street fighting can never be compared to any kind of sport. In street fighting, there are no rules and regulations to be followed. It is brutal and cruel enough to kill you. It is always better to avoid this kind of situation at all cost.

The Tricks All Top Ripped Martial Artists Know About Getting Washboard Abs

Would you believe that the majority of athletes, martial artists, and exercise masters work less at achieving and maintaining rock-hard washboard abs than the average person? You should! They know the secrets that make every minute of exercise count more, so that they have to work less for the results they want…

Tai Chi Striking

Combat Tai Chi can include both fist strikes and open handed strikes. However, the later are by far the most common kind because of their versatility and power.

Progression of Your Bjj Belts in Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art which is performed on the ground and is also a means of self defense. This particular art was taken from the Japanese martial art of judo in the 20th century and thus was thus modified to make this art.