BREAKING! Dana White CANCELS UFC main event fight, Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker 2, Khamzat

Crushing Confrontation

There are many books on the market these days that pertain to the martial arts. Most of them show the basics that one would learn, like kicking, punching, throwing, and even some exercises. The vast majority do not deal with the all important mental preparation that is required when facing confrontation. This article addresses the other side.

My Style Is Better Than Your Style

The argument regarding which style of martial arts is better is useless. Read this article to learn what matters most.

Get Lean With These Kickboxing Moves

Kickboxing can be a very rewarding way to work out many major muscle groups at one time. Just remember to master each bit of form before you try to complete those complicated kicking and punching sequences.

You Call JuJitsu Gentle?

To the untrained eye, JuJitsu can be a seemingly violent, and ruthless pursuit, but to the trained individual, It has the capacity to be one of the more gentle arts in existence. Read on to learn exactly why.

The Truth About Martial Arts Testing and Fees!

Martial Arts testing has taken a wrong turn. People are being tested for memorizing skits instead of real Martial Arts knowledge. Here is the facts on this phenomena.

Anderson Silva Did Not Throw His Fight Against Chris Weidman

“Did Anderson Silva throw the fight against Chris Weidman in UFC 162 this last Saturday?” Though the twitter-sphere, blogosphere, and Facebook newsfeed has blown up recently with tales of how and why Anderson Silva threw his fight, I think Dana White’s colorful post-fight comments that these people “are (expletive) idiots”, is a bit more accurate, and that they should probably not dismiss the most accomplished UFC fighter to date. Instead, let me offer a different perspective.

How Often Should a Fighter Train Before a Bout?

How much training is too much training when training for a pro fight? First off, ask yourself, how far away is your pro or amateur fight? If it’s more than 2 weeks away, feel free to spar/exercise to your hearts content.

How to Defend Yourself From an Attacker

This article teaches you the concepts of self defense and how to effectively utilize your skills to stop an attacker as quickly as possible. You will be learning the best ways to stay safe and how to prevent an attack.

Why Do Black Belts Get Beaten Up?

In this article the author addresses the fact that many people who have earned black belts get beaten up during violent confrontations. While one would think a person who has earned their black belt would be a formidable adversary, this isn’t always the case. Here the author explains some of the reasons why.

Working With Warriors: How Three Combat Experts Took Martial Arts Out Of The Gym And Into The Street

Self-defense, martial arts, and real violence: this book can teach you a lot about all three. While not a traditional martial arts or self-defense book, “Working With Warriors: How Three Combat Experts Took Martial Arts Out Of The Gym And Into The Street” by Dennis Martin conveys much wisdom about traditional martial arts and their real-life use in the streets. Those interested in violence and self-defense can learn much from the experiences of Dennis Martin and his fellow warriors.

Diego Da Costa: Biography Of A Renaissance Fighter

After 2 decades of a successful career in Judo, Diego da Costa switched to Jiu Jitsu and easily stepped into the limelight by winning the Pernambuco state championship only after 15 days from his first training in jiu-jitsu. He aims to enter the world of Mixed Martial Arts.